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Woman Leaps To Death In Front Of Boyfriend After Misreading Bungee Jumping Signal

What a nightmare for everyone involved.

A young woman is dead after the tiniest of mistakes while engaging in the death-defying sport of bungee jumping.

Yecenia Morales was prepping for her first ever bungee jump with her boyfriend — the couple were both about to jump off a bridge in Amaga, Colombia — when tragedy struck. Morales’ boyfriend was next in line, in what reportedly would have been the 90th jump of the day. After his cord was attached and secured, staff from Sky Bungee Jumping gave him the signal to jump.

Morales (not pictured), was supposed to be after him, and staff were helping her prepare. However, she thought it was her signal… and leapt off the bridge.

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The 25-year-old’s harness was attached, but her cord was not. In a horrifying video, she can be seen jumping unattached. She plunged over 150 feet to the bottom of the gorge.

Fredonia Mayor Gustavo Guzmán told El Tiempo:

“She got confused. The signal was for the boyfriend to jump because he was already attached to the security equipment. They had only put the harness on her so she got confused and rushed.”

Her boyfriend scrambled to get down to her and even tried to perform CPR. First responders followed, but there was nothing anyone could do. According to early reports, it seems Morales suffered a heart attack before she even hit the ground.

Her grieving boyfriend is still being treated for shock, as well as injuries he suffered trying to rapidly descend on the line to get to her.

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Per El Tiempo, Sky Bungee Jumping charges just $15 US for a jump, and that comes with photos, an HD video of the jump, and even an insurance policy. That last part is going to be incredibly important in this case.

An investigation has now reportedly been opened due to claims that two companies which supplied equipment and services at the bungee jumping site did not have authorization to do so. As far as this particular incident, it does seem to just be a freak accident. The smallest misunderstanding, but in a situation of ultimate danger.

Morales was a lawyer and by all accounts a very happy person. Her brother told El Tiempo she loved reading and dancing. He said:

“My sister is a girl with all the best values​​, happy, spontaneous, with virtues that made her love her friends, and helped the people in need.”

Such an awful tragedy.

[Image via kixande/YouTube.]

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