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Watch Terrifying Moment When Clifftop Swing Attraction BREAKS With 2 People On It!

Holy f**k, holy f**k, holy f**k. Can you even imagine seeing this in person? Or worse, experiencing it?!?

Two young women (in video below; not pictured above) are counting their blessings right now after nearly plunging to their death during a recent cliff-top swing accident!

According to The Daily Mail, the pair were taking a ride on a bench-like swing that overlooks the Sulack Canyon in the Dagestan region of Russia (not pictured above) when one of the chains snapped, catapulting them down into the 6,300 feet abyss. In a video that captured the unexpected fright, a loud crack sounded when a part of the structure gave way, and screams of terror soon rang out as the tourists hurtled to the ground. It could have ended badly, but the unnamed friends miraculously survived the fall after landing on a small wooden platform just beyond the top of the gorge.

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Wow. Check out the heart-stopping video posted to Twitter (below):

These women are so lucky because logistically, we would have been writing a completely different story if the object hadn’t been there. And in case you didn’t know, the Sulak Canyon is considered the deepest canyon in Europe and is about 206 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon. So it is truly a miracle they survived! Just to put the situation into perspective…

Fortunately, they sustained no more than some cuts and bruises on their body after their shocked loved ones dragged the duo to safety. A source told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, per The Daily Mail, of their accident:

“The girls got scared and sustained scratches, but neither of them suffered serious injuries. It is chilling to imagine what could have happened if they slipped when the swings were at a maximum height.”

Nothing good, that’s for sure! Police are now investigating the safety standards at several canyon swings that have been built near the Zubutli Village, where the incident took place. Even more so, the Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan confessed that the swing wasn’t actually up to code at the time, saying:

“Law enforcement agencies and other services are already conducting relevant checks to ensure that nothing threatens lives and health.”

If deemed unsafe, the local council plans to remove all of the precipice swings before anyone else gets hurt. That might be the smart move in the long run — and let’s be real here, will anyone really want to go to the tourist attraction after this viral video? We certainly wouldn’t! You know, we will stick to the comfort of solid ground for now.

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