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Trump Russia BOMBSHELL! Leaked Kremlin Documents Appears To Confirm Putin Had ‘Kompromat’ – Pee Tape?!?

OK, so we already know Russia helped Donald Trump get elected. The ex-president can say all day that investigations into Russiagate all-caps EXONERATED him, which is not even true, but everyone agrees Russia has been interfering in our elections, mostly in the form of cyber attacks.

But now we finally have evidence from their side.

UK paper The Guardian got hold of papers from the Kremlin that reportedly detail not just the plan to help Trump but the history of how Vladimir Putin signed off on it.

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According to the docs, in a meeting on January 22, 2016 with all his spy chiefs and military leaders (a meeting of which there is photo proof), Putin was told he should support Trump using “all possible force” because a Trump White House would lead directly to Moscow’s main geopolitical goals: creating “social turmoil” in the US and weakening the American president’s negotiating power.

Check and check. Ugh.

The Kremlin’s experts concluded Trump was the “most promising candidate” because his potential presidency would “definitely lead to the destabilization of the U.S.’s sociopolitical system” and a “social explosion.” Well, that all happened. A terrible reaction to a pandemic was just icing on the cake for them, we guess.

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The papers included a psychological assessment of Trump, who at the time was one of several Republican hopefuls facing off in debates. The Russian experts deemed the Celebrity Apprentice host an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex.” We mean… anyone could have written that.

The most shocking part of all this, however, is the documents’ apparent confirmation of the most controversial aspect of Russiagate: the kompromat.

Since before he was even elected, there were reports from the Steele Dossier that Russian sources had claimed there was compromising material which Putin could use to leverage against Trump if he became the American president. The bizarre, salacious nature of that compromising material was what made American media shy away from it — and frankly led many to dismiss the idea entirely.

Yes, we’re talking about the damn pee tape.

If you somehow didn’t hear, the Steele dossier claimed that sources talked about a video tape of Trump engaging in what’s called “golden showers” or “watersports” — getting peed on for sexual gratification –with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room when he was there for the Miss Universe pageant. Like we said, it’s so far out there, most news outlets won’t even report on it without the most veiled language.

And yet… it may be real??

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The Kremlin papers don’t mention the exact nature of the supposed kompromat they have on Trump but vaguely refer to “certain events” during “non-official visits to Russian Federation territory.”

Whatever the kompromat was, having it over a US president would lead to an unprecedented amount of control — something it seemed painfully obvious Putin was exerting throughout Trump’s presidency.

The Kremlin denies all of this, of course. Putin’s spokesman calls the idea of a meeting in which they agreed to support Trump “a great pulp fiction.”

The Guardian claims the papers have been known to “Western intelligence agencies” for months and are thought to be genuine. And yet he’s still the frontrunner for Republican presidential candidate in 2024. Sigh.

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