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Lynne Spears’ Friend Speaks Up On Her Behalf, Says She’s Been Trying To Help Britney All Along

Britney Spears‘ conservatorship battle is turning into a he said, she said, they said situation.

The pop star’s heartbreaking testimony was the peak of the #FreeBritney movement, when so many fears and concerns about her conservatorship were proved valid. Since then, everyone and their mother has weighed in on the situation. Her friends have spoken up in support; peers and fans alike have spoken up to advocate for her freedom; and her family has rushed to point fingers and deflect blame.

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And make no mistake, the “whole family” was implicated in the abuses of the conservatorship — those are Brit’s words, and she was prepared to take them all to court over it. While dad Jamie Spears took most of the heat, her mom Lynne Spears was cast under suspicion as well.

But Lynne’s pal Joy Boudreaux Moore has spoken up to offer a different perspective on Facebook, in a post entitled “Sticks and Stones” (you can check it out HERE). She wrote about observing the family for “decades,” as they went through struggles like any other family: “divorce, addiction, rebellion, teen pregnancy, disputes, financial issues, successes and failures, breakups and makeups.” But she questioned:

“As if family tragedy isn’t painful enough on its own, can you imagine your heartache being a major headline, and used as entertainment for millions?”

Addressing the recent controversy, she shared:

“I’m so thankful that Britney was finally able to speak for herself and be heard. I’m proud of her for having the courage and strength to say, ‘No. Enough. Stop.’, to the bondages she’s been in for so long. I’ve prayed for her liberation, and for her release from all oppression. I’m also happy that she was able to begin releasing some of the anger, resentment, and pain that she’s been carrying. My hope is that she can have complete healing and restoration in every area of her life…a life that truly hasn’t belonged to her since the world claimed her in 1998.”

The post continued:

“I said all of that to lead to this..my dear friend of 30 years is Britney’s mama, Lynne Spears. Is she perfect? Not even close. And she’d be the first to tell you that. Does she ever look back to the time before her daughter was ‘Britney Spears’…to when she was simply her sweet, highly motivated and multi-talented child..and wonder how many things she could’ve or should’ve done differently? I’m sure she does, because that’s what mothers do when their children hurt..search themselves for how they could’ve done better. Lynne wouldn’t want me to be defensive of her right now, she’d want me to only be supportive of deliverance for her daughter. ..but I feel compelled to do both.”

In an impassioned defense, Joy went on:

“Lynne has been a devoted mama, and a devoted grandma! I’ve watched her spend years trying to hold things together that were unraveling, fix situations that were broken, wage wars, and then try to be a peacemaker..she’s done everything in her power, before the conservatorship and during it, to battle for her daughter, in whatever way that seemed right at that particular time. It’s impossible to really understand the depth of this overwhelming situation. There were times ground was gained, and times it was lost. She had her own motherly instincts about ‘helping’ that, in many cases, differed from the general consensus of Britney’s entourage. And I say ‘instincts’ because many times that’s all Lynne had to go on. She didn’t have access to many of the facts. In my opinion, a once healthy mother/daughter relationship was sadly strained and disastrously damaged through the years. So many times, I saw a broken and distraught mama, left with no other way to attack except to get on her knees and pray. Likewise, I knew there was a daughter across the miles who was suffering too. Lynne learned to take the good seasons and appreciate them, and persevere through the bad seasons, trying to be the best mother and grandmother that she was able to be.”

Wow. She straight up admitted that the relationship between the singer and her mom has been “disastrously damaged.” That seems to suggest that Lynne was, indeed, grouped in among the family members Britney wants to sue. But we can’t really know how the Spears matriarch tried to help — or what facts she didn’t have “access” to — without knowing exactly what went down behind the scenes. Can we take Joy’s word for it?

We can at least agree on some of the facts in the following section:

“Lynne is a hard worker, and is NOT on Britney’s payroll. She has, on the other hand, certainly been financially blessed by her daughter through the years. The house she lives in is a perfect example of such a gift. But I’ve heard her say, and mean it whole-heartily, that she’d trade it in a minute for a little one-bedroom apartment to make things better for her daughter.

It was Lynne that stood with Britney two years ago to initiate the court proceedings asking for help and change. It’s also been Lynne’s attorney, the ONLY one NOT being paid by Britney’s money, that’s backed Britney 100% in court.”

We know that the 66-year-old has gotten more involved in the legal battle of late, and it would appear to be true that her lawyer isn’t being directly paid by the Lucky artist like Jamie’s is. It’s a bit harder to believe that she doesn’t financially benefit from Britney at all. We mean, one way or another, her opportunities (like writing a memoir) have come from her daughter’s success, even if she isn’t “on Britney’s payroll.”

Still, her pal insisted:

“My friend, a true mama, is so grateful steps are finally being taken to help her daughter, that she’s not concerned with what the world is saying about her own mothering skills or her own personal character. She’s only worried about the well-being of her children and grandchildren. That’s priority for her. Her loved ones..all of them…whether being controlled by a corrupt system, or being caught in the crossfire of all of this…Shots being fired from many of the same crowd that scoffed, scorned, and ridiculed both of her daughters in the past…from a society that can swap from adoration to hatred in a single moment, and then swap back again when the tides turn…from a culture that advocates acceptance and toleration, yet screams cancellation and hatred.

Uh oh — cancel culture alert. We can’t totally disagree with Joy on these points, though. It’s certainly true that the public now rallying around #FreeBritney was often equally cruel to the Crossroads actress in the past. We don’t doubt that’s difficult for a mother to navigate… but what did she do to protect her daughter from it, after propping up Britney’s entertainment career from the time she was a child?

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Joy finished her post with the message:

“Words can do far more damage than sticks and stones can. Our tongues are likened to bits in the mouths of horses, and rudders on huge ships. They are small, but very powerful. I sincerely ask that you’d consider using your power to speak healing, rather than hatred, to this hurting family. Having been through my own share of family catastrophes, I am definitely against throwing stones. Instead, I’m sending seeds of love, and praying that they take root, sprout quickly, grow strong, and spread far and wide. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal for not only Britney, but also our world? Hate doesn’t bring healing, only love can do that. And that’s my hope and prayer for everyone involved.

Well, it’s food for thought. But Lynne could have had the best of intentions, and still let her daughter down. It’s also interesting how Joy alludes to the “corrupt system” without naming Jamie as the perpetrator. We know Jamie and Lynne have been in serious opposition lately, but Joy obviously isn’t interested in casting stones, even at the controversial patriarch…

Regardless, at the end of the day, the most important words are Britney’s. And until we hear more from her, we have to take everyone else’s account with a grain of salt.

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