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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Make Their Instagram Debut… On Leah Remini’s IG!

Sometimes, it’s better to leave the social media relationship roll out to your bestie!

Since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially got back together in May (after nearly two decades apart), they’ve hit nearly every relationship milestone EXCEPT going Instagram official. We’ve seen romantic solo vacations, blended family bonding, and even house hunting, but nothing for the grid. Considering IG didn’t even exist back during Bennifer 1.0, it’s not a huge deal. But since J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez were a very social media-friendly couple, we’ve been curious to see when they’d make their online debut.

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Well, the wait is finally over, but it’s not the couple themselves we have to thank — it’s the singer’s BFF Leah Remini! On Thursday, the King of Queens alum posted a #TBT from her birthday back in June that featured friends, family, and one VERY significant couple. She captioned the clip in part:

​​”Wanted to share a little video from my birthday with you all because I got so much love from you on my birthday but also everyday. I consider myself to have the best support system here on social media. Also, I can’t thank my family & friends enough for coming, for celebrating with me in a way that was very special to me. It’s been an interesting year, so this birthday meant a lot for many reasons. I love you family, I love you friends that have become family…”

In one part of the slideshow, the Second Act co-stars can be seen embracing. And in another moment (around the :33 mark) they posed for the photo booth snuggled up to none other than the Argo director himself! Check it out below:

jennifer lopez, ben affleck, leah remini : photo booth shot
(c) Leah Remini/Instagram

Awww. Making sure your man gets along with your friends is a crucial step for any relationship. And we’re definitely glad to see that Leah approves of Ben, considering that she and Jenny From The Block were originally introduced by Marc Anthony (who was famously J.Lo’s rebound from the Justice League star).

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Sounds like the former Scientologist should get used to inviting the Oscar winner to parties because sources have said that the reunited couple are “the loves of each other’s lives.” A People insider recently shared:

“They want to do everything they can to make this work. Even though their split many years ago was devastating for Jennifer, she has never had a bad word to say about Ben. She believes that it just wasn’t meant to be then and feels like they’ve been given a second chance.”

One might even say this is Bennifer’s Second Act… right, Leah? LOLz!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN & Leah Remini/Instagram]

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