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Dog Owner Searching For Pet After ‘Sitter’ Stops Responding, Police Investigating

Talk about a pet owner’s worst nightmare!

A New Jersey man claims the woman who was supposed to be taking care of his beloved dog has gone missing — and may have taken the pooch with her.

Diego Chaves (above) said he left his Goldendoodle Mac (above, insert) on Friday morning with a woman named Micaela, who he thought was a professional dog sitter, while he and his girlfriend were out of town.

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Chaves told News12 he met “Micaela” outside of a Jersey City high-rise where she claimed to live, and noted that “everything was great” until Monday morning, when he was scheduled to pick Mac up. The pet owner said he heard nothing from “Micaela” for almost 24 hours — until she sent him an email claiming the pooch was lost after he jumped out of her car.

After posting about the lost dog on social media, Chaves started to hear other alleged horror stories about “Micaela.” One commenter wrote:

“I’m horrified to read this. We used her for pet sitting services – started out okay and then sketchy things used to happen with Finn not being picked up at all or dropped off very late/soaking wet. One day she went ghost on us and never responded again. She was untraceable. Finn has had bad anxiety especially in cars that we can trace back to being with her. She should NOT be allowed to care for dogs. And am so sorry you are dealing with this!!”

Um… WTF??

Reviews posted online show that the so-called “sitter” goes by many different names and pet companies, and doesn’t actually live in the Jersey City high-rise she claimed to live in. Other pet owners claim they’ve had similar experiences happen.

The Jersey City Police Department is now involved. Our hearts go out to Diego as the search for Mac continues. Read his full post (below) for more.

[Image via News12]

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