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Britney Spears’ Instagram CAUGHT Using Old Footage & Trying To Pass It Off As New!

The world may finally know that Britney Spears has been lying about her well-being to her Instagram followers, but con-Spears-acy theorists are still convinced her entire ‘gram is a sham!

The latest piece of evidence supporting this theory was posted this week, when the superstar shared pics from her post-hearing vacay in Hawaii that looked a bit too familiar to some eagle-eyed observers. As fans know, the Grammy winner has been sharing footage of herself busting a move in a bikini and basking in the sun on the beaches of Maui with her boyfriend Sam Asghari, telling followers that she was enjoying listening to the sound of the ocean and hearing people laugh.

But one fan account is convinced that the Toxic singer isn’t actually on vacation, and her social media team is posting videos from a 2020 beach trip! The case was made by Twitter account Framing Britney Spears, which posted a screenshot of a photo Brit had shared last year.

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In the snap, the pop princess had been seemingly wearing the same bikini and the same sunhat. But the skeptic noticed another optical clue suggesting the photos were from last year: a stray clump of seaweed! Britney’s 2020 post saw her lying on the sand with her legs in the air and her arms stretched out beside her, with a pile of seaweed behind her. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Innocent, right?

Not so, according to critics who claim that the same pile of seaweed was in the same position next to Britney in Monday’s post, meaning the footage was indeed taken last year and passed off as this trip!

The Twitter account wrote:

“@britneyspears posted a video on her IG in Maui today that is causing speculation as to when it was actually taken. A post that was done on 09/23/20 shows her in the same bikini, same hat, and same exact seaweed placement during the shot.”

In her post (below), Brit claimed the footage was filmed on Sunday, writing:

“Well damn … I did it again!!!! Maui part 2!!!!! This footage is more current though … from YESTERDAY!!! I’m driving the cheapest car known to mankind but it’s pretty fun. I like the sound of the ocean at night and I like hearing people laughing from my balcony… there’s a togetherness here and it’s endless!!! Here’s me playing in the dirt and making angels in the sand in the ocean!!!! More to come… more to share… more to dream… more to hope for… and many more to pray for!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!! Here’s to Maui !!!!”


While the seaweed scenario makes for an interesting case, it does appear that Brit truly is on vacay, as paparazzi caught her and Sam together on the beautiful island (pics published on DailyMail.com). Plus, her BF’s IG Stories, show him at the same location she posted about. See (below).

Sam Asghari hawaii
(c) Sam Asghari/Instagram

So, what does this mean?

Well, we know that Sam is one of the biggest #FreeBritney supporters, so we doubt he’d be in cahoots with her social team to make it look like Brit’s on vacay when she really wasn’t.

Then again, the seaweed situation is very sus. What do U think is going on here??

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram/Avalon/WENN]

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